What Kind Of Beta Users Can Benefit From Betafy?

This is also a frequently asked question.

If you’re an early adopter, a beta user, or a beta/software tester, you’re a primary best-fit. With that said, any user who can use the product/services offered by the listed startups, and in return, offer usage data and stats to the startup can benefit from signing up as well.


What Kind Of Startups Can Benefit From Betafy?

This question has been asked quite a bit!

It’s not necessary for you to be in beta to sign up. If you’re a startup looking for early adopters or more users, you should sign up.

As far as the kind of startup goes, if you have a tech product or are a SaaS offering, you’re in the best position to use our platform. But if you offer services such as IT consulting and are looking for clients rather than users, Betafy may not be an optimal fit for you. However, if things change, we’ll keep you updated.


Pre-Launch Signups

We’re just a few weeks away from launch. Due to a very high early access interest in the platform, we may have to restrict access, at least initially, on a first come first serve basis. Due to this, we are now allowing beta users and startups to create profiles in advance. The sooner you create a profile, the better it is for us to work with you to improve your profile and bet able to drive more connections to your profile.

All you need to do is to click/tap on the “I am a startup” or “I am a beta user” to get started, then follow the process to create your listing/profile.

If you are a returning user and would like to update your listing/profile, please click/tap on the “Update existing listing” or “Update existing profile” links that are located right below “I am a startup” or “I am a beta user”.


Why Did We Develop Betafy?

We, the team at Betafy, run a software development shop in Dallas, Texas. Oftentimes our startup clients reach a beta stage and hit a ‘now what?’ moment. They struggle to get the visibility and feedback required to make the important, pivotal decisions for continued growth. We wondered if we could develop an application to help with this problem, but also create new opportunities for early adopters, beta testers, and software testers to interact with startups.

And just like that, Betafy was born!