How To Make The Most Of Betafy If You’re A Startup

Here are a few pointers on how to make the most of Betafy if you’re a startup:

Make sure your listing is awesome. Make it as complete as you can. Features, benefits, tags, and categories are really important. These will not just tell your likely beta users what’s in it for them, but will also help the Betafy algorithm understand you better. The algorithm will then work better not just at recommending beta users to you, but very importantly, recommending you to them. Oh, also, your social media touch points. Don’t forget to include them in your profile!

Make sure to reach out to each of your beta users individually as they join you. First, to thank them; Second, to let them know of any onboarding and/or support info that might make it faster for them to review your beta.

Implement the Betafy button on your product. (Currently web apps only. IOS version coming soon.) This will close the loop on beta testing, where beta users can start providing you feedback that gets recorded in Betafy. It will help you see all beta feedback in one place. The Betafy button will also allow you to collect feedback from non-Betafy users and record it. (The Betafy button is going to become even more powerful in the weeks to come, so stay tuned!) Wondering how to implement the button? Go to the SDK tab of your listing to find out how. It’s really simple!

Share your Betafy listing amongst your circles. While we try our best to get you as much coverage and traction as possible, you sharing your Betafy listing amongst your circles will help track your traction and beta feedback better.

Hope this helps and all the best!