What’s In It For Beta Testers? 6 Killer Incentives


So you signed up to beta test. It kind of goes without saying that you, my friend, are the real MVP. Betafy depends on pioneers, like you, to empower startups and make room for awesome new products.

But you might be asking yourself, “what’s in it for me?” We’re glad you asked.

As a beta tester, you get:

1. Access to unreleased products. You know that lanyard-wearing guy who smugly slips backstage before live music shows? While you’re herded like cattle into the general admission section, he complains about the dressing room catering with the band. When you test with Betafy, you get to be the VIP lanyard guy. No more lukewarm beer spilled down your back. All access, baby!

2. Resume-worthy experience testing software applications. If you’re a part of the tech industry, this experience is a great prerequisite to jobs in Quality Assurance, UX, and UI. Right now, the average User Interface Analyst makes over $74,000 a year, according to Glassdoor. Or maybe you want to develop your own app! Get your feet wet as a beta tester and start learning the ingredients of a successful software application.

3. The opportunity to contribute to something great. If you’ve got the entrepreneurship bug, you value innovation and probably want to change the world. Betafy will help you do that. We want this to be a place where people are inspired and enabled to do great things.

4. A foot in the door at growing startups. A bunch of the startups listed on Betafy will be big names in a matter of years. Their products are unprecedented and the market is poised to eat ’em right up. Giving your time and feedback now could lead to a paid position later, when said startups are hiring. If you’re smart, (and we know you are) you’ll jump at the chance to network with other entrepreneurs on Betafy.

5. Depending on the startup, dollar dollar bills (ya’lland discounts. We’re working on a concrete monetization structure to better serve you. In the meantime, we encourage participating startups to offer these types of incentives to their beta testers: paper, Benjamins, cash money, dinero.

6. The smug satisfaction that your opinion is valued and influential. Feel the power. And if beta testing isn’t your thing, you could always pursue food criticism or become a judge on The Voice. We like a little over-confidence around here. It gets stuff done.


Erinn Preston

Erinn lives in Dallas, Texas with her red-headed husband and their two felines. When she's not writing for Betafy, she's making something. Usually coffee or a mess.