Optimize Your Startup’s Profile To Get More Feedback From Beta Testers


If you’re on Betafy, you’ve been in the game long enough to know success is built on more than just a great product. You’ve got to network and market and be so inhumanly persistent, you put door-to-door salvation salesmen to shame.

Yes, THAT persistent.

You also need to employ these elements in your Betafy profile:

1. A concise, engaging summary that includes a description of your product in the first 200 characters or so, then a call to action. A few great questions to ask yourself while writing a summary are: What’s so great about this product? How can testers help make it better? How am I supposed to fit all this stuff into 200 characters?*

2. More information about your startup. The Betafy team personally reaches out to interesting startups to interview them and flesh out their profiles. As you can imagine, we have a ton of those, so the process is pretty time-consuming. Beat us to the punch and tell us about you and your product! Some questions we like to ask are: How was your product conceived? What problem does your product solve? What are the most memorable challenges you’ve faced thus far? Is there any advice you’d give your past self – when you were about to start this project?

3. Categories and Subcategories. Choose from a list of pre-existing categories to identify the industry in which your product best fits. Things like ‘Food & Drink’ or ‘Content Management’. You can pick several, just make sure they’re relevant!

4. Any additional Tags and Keywords. Tags and Keywords are very important! They help us match you with beta testers. Feel free to use phrases.

5. Target Audience. This is not the same as categories! In this field, we specifically want to know who you’re targeting. Students? Small businesses? Single people? You have some freedom with this, but define a clear niche so our algorithms can connect you with the right people.

6. Startup/Product Features. Tell us what your product does. What problem does it solve? Why is it so awesome? People love to skim, so give them some good skimming material. Bullet points for the win!

7. Beta User Benefits. Joel Spolsky, Co-founder of Stack Exchange thinks “[every day spent not improving your product is a wasted day.]” Improvement requires honest, objective feedback and to get that, you’ve got to convince people to test your beta. Here are some great beta tester incentives to consider, if you aren’t sure where to start.

8. Media. Upload some images or a screen capture of your application running to pique beta testers’ interest. Visual content is the way of the past, the present, and the future. Give the people what they want! Just do it.

9. Social links. If your startup’s not on social, it should be! Make sure you link to those social pages in your Betafy profile, then share your profile on those platforms.

10. A clear way to reach you. According to a study done by KoMarketing, 64% of people want to see contact information on company websites, even more than they want to read About those companies and 51% think “thorough contact information” is often missing from company websites. Go above and beyond to make yourself available by adding an email address in your profile’s summary.

11. The brains behind the operation. People trust people more than they trust brands, so be sure to add members of your Core Team. Tell us your first names and let us see those beautiful mugs of yours!

We’re here to help you get the attention and traction you need. Let us know if there’s anything we can do to help with your profile.

* You have a few more than 200 characters for your summary, but only the first 175 or so appear on the listing. Gotta make ’em count!


Erinn Preston

Erinn lives in Dallas, Texas with her red-headed husband and their two felines. When she's not writing for Betafy, she's making something. Usually coffee or a mess.