Startups, Get More Beta Testers And Gain Traction With These 5 Tips


If you’re struggling to attract beta testers to your startup, chances are your Betafy strategy needs a little work.

Think of yourself as a marathon runner and your profile as one of those flat escalator things they have at the airport. (That’s the technical term, I think.) It’ll help you work smarter and faster, but you’ve still gotta run.

Invest your energy in these areas for maximum return:

1. Despite their job title, beta testers are real humans (not robots)Treat them like it.

Say “hey” when they first sign up and provide them with any tools they’ll need to be successful. Maybe you have an onboarding packet for them to review. They’re doing you a whale of a favor, so make it easy on ’em. Support them, let them know they’re valued, thank them. Virtual high-fives never hurt either.

2. Consider offering incentives to your beta testers.

I mean, who’s gonna say ‘no’ to actual money? It doesn’t have to be money, though. It could be a discount on your finished product or something like that. Of course, you’re not required to offer any kind of incentive, but we do encourage it. Value for value, you know?

3. Activate your secret weapon. (Also known as The Betafy Button.)

Right now, it’s only available for web applications, but we’re working on an iOS version in our secret lab. Did I say ‘lab’? I meant ‘bat cave’. The Betafy button closes the loop on beta testing and makes it easier to leave and view feedback in one place. Even non-Betafy members can throw in their two cents when the button is activated! To get it working for you, go to the SDK tab on your listing and follow the instructions. It’s so easy.

4. Share, share, and share some more. 

We know you know this, but we’ve gotta say it anyway. Share your Betafy listing with your social network and on your website (repeatedly). LinkedIn, meet Betafy. Twitter, meet Betafy. You get the picture. We do our best to get you as much coverage as possible, but this one’s all you.

5. Give your profile a spruce. 

If you like long walks on the beach with a metal detector, you wouldn’t dream of leaving that off your Tinder profile, right? This is the same thing. The more information you give, the more you’ll get. Introduce yourself and be creative. Identify product features and beta tester incentives, set tags and geographies, link to your social pages, include screenshots and other media showing your software in action. Be the complete package. You’ll attract more beta testers and help the Betafy algorithm get you in touch with the right people.

Good luck and remember, we’re here for you! Reach out if there’s anything we can do to help.


Erinn Preston

Erinn lives in Dallas, Texas with her red-headed husband and their two felines. When she's not writing for Betafy, she's making something. Usually coffee or a mess.